The Cheap, Charming Pleasures of Santiago, Chile

There are so many things in Santiago, Chile we want to tell you about! Young people genuinely love this city, and now we understand why. Santiago, Chile is, amongst other things, a great place to enjoy yourself, forget about studying for a while and be entertained by a capital city that, despite the fog that sometimes surrounds it, is super friendly – much more so than you would imagine.

Visit, alone or with good friends, any of its bookshops and spend some time browsing – one of the small (free) pleasures that Santiago has to offer. The setting for such pastimes may well be the central neighbourhood of Lastarria (Universidad Católica metro station), which is home to some of these charismatic bookshops that we love.

In general, the bohemian vibe of Calle Lastarria and its surroundings is infectious. You will no doubt find yourself sitting gazing out of a window from a lovely, small cafe such as the Café Bistró de la Barra (Calle JM in Barra), and watching the people pass by while eating a succulent portion of chocolate tart; or spending an evening watching experimental films in El Biógrafo (181, Calle Lastarria), with its exceptional film collection; or even enjoying a morning stroll through the interesting Museo de Artes Visuales or MAVI (nº 307).

So where are the cheapest places in Lastarria? Why not have brunch with your colleagues in any small cafe along its windy main street? Or try the pizza at the quaint Pizza Bella, located at 309 of the adjacent Calle Merced, a local and safe bet.

Whether you are travelling with Friends to Santiago, Chile or are a student in the South American capital, we hope to have given you some tips on small and cheap pleasures that this destination can offer. Want to experience them? Then travel with Iberia Joven at the most competitive price. You may even touch the stars…

Photo | Gustavo Gomes