The Night is Always Young in Toulouse

A mere stone’s throw away from Spain, the most dynamic city in the south of France is one of those places that can rightfully boast of having a great atmosphere full of young people always ready to party.

Being a university city, of course, it’s not exactly difficult to find fun in Toulouse. Along its main squares and streets teeming with people, you’ll find plenty of bars serving up colorful cocktails for all tastes. Or simply stroll through the old town, letting yourself be guided by your well-honed sense of party.

A good place to start a route through the most exciting places in Toulouse is Place St. Pierre in the historic center of the city, so close to the Garonne River that the stepped riverbank quickly fills with people hanging out with friends (one of the most typical sights in Toulouse). Who knows? You might even meet a local who will kindly give you tips to the local party scene.

Place St. Pierre is surrounded by bars and restaurants of every type imaginable, making it the perfect place to start the afternoon on one of its terraces, either in the square itself or on Rue des Blanchers, one of the streets that comes off the square and also offers a great selection of fun spots.

Entering the old town, another recommended point to continue the party is in the so-called Bar District (the name is self-explanatory). To get to this lively area, you can head straight to Rue Gabriel Péri, where you won’t have a hard time finding lively cafés, bars and nightclubs. If you know how to let yourself go, the city of Toulouse will give you stories to remember for a lifetime.

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Photo: StockSnap