Tricks for moving around London with ease

Moverse por Londres, en Inglaterra

In Young Iberia, we like to give you tips so that you have happier travelling experiences. As for the capital of England, we know that the enormous urban area of the city is as fascinating as it is difficult to get around, isn’t it? This is why we want to talk to you about two key concepts that you must know, understand and be able to use because they can make things easier (and a lot easier) when it comes to moving around the streets of London.

The first of these is to know how the postal codes work, because it can be that several streets have exactly the same name. The dilemma then is to know which is which. That’s why it’s very important to always take a note of the post code when you look up an address.

NW1, WC1B… at first they seem like random combinations of numbers and letters but they actually hide more information than you think. The first two letters indicate the geographic area, for example, ‘NW’ is the abbreviation of North West and ‘WC’ stands for West City.

Once you’ve understood the post codes, that’s when the “A to Z” comes in. The essential look-up tool for getting around London is a street guide that’s designed to be with you at all times and will turn into your best friend without a doubt. The last pages at the back include an index of streets where each address is followed by its postal district. So, Trafalgar Road SE10 isn’t the same as Trafalgar Road SW19 because both are found in totally opposite directions of the city. In such a large city, the “A-Z” will save you time, money and effort.

Do you travel to London? Do you study there? Well, now you can navigate around this city like a champion!

Photo | Eduardo Gaviña