Urban Climbing and Virtual Reality in Mexico City

Mexico City is full of surprises; a city that never seems to tire of offering fun options to its visitors. And the fun can be found daytime or nighttime, with almost unlimited options to enjoy one of the most colossal cities in the world at your own pace.

And if strong emotions and experiences that you can’t find in almost any other place are what you want, look up and see one of the tallest (if not the tallest) urban climbing walls in the world: before you is The Wall, the challenge that Mexico City throws at you to test your skills as a Spiderman or a Catwoman. You pick the superhero costume, but – be aware – costume or not, the wall is 36 meters high.

However, it’s not necessary to have climbing knowledge to accept the challenge: there are monitors that will give you everything you need to go as far as you are capable. The equipment is included in the price (harnesses, helmet and other items), so you can rest easy during your ascent to the summit. The only thing you need is courage and the encouragement of your friends urging you to climb every meter to the top. As a reward, a delicious treat awaits you once you’re back on ground level.

After a physical challenge as trying as climbing The Wall, you may want to try other more… virtual experiences. And for that you have the perfect attraction in Mexico City: Inspark, one of the largest virtual reality parks in the world. Here you can let yourself go into other realms by breaking down the barriers that separate the real world from the imaginary, living its more than thirty experiences of simulation, virtual reality and many others.

So now you already have two unique attractions, both physical and mental, that are sure to make your next visit to Mexico City unforgettable. Do you need any more incentives to run to our search engine and look for flights to Mexico City? This is just the beginning of an exciting journey, the rest you will find on your own.

Photo | Mattza Tobón