Uruguay’s Colourful, Freespirited Town of Punta del Diablo

From the many interesting places in Uruguay, Punta del Diablo is one of the Meccas for young and free spirits who are looking to spend some days in a place which is away from the stereotypes, and a break from the routine.

Punta del Diablo is one of the most picturesque villages where fishermen mix with hippies and families. The village is located within the Rocha Department, at 45 km from the Border with Brazil, and around 300 km from Montevideo. You can always make the most of some holidays between your exams to go and visit it, so organise a break there with some friends and you’ll see how it’s worth it.

With colourfully painted wooden houses, some eternally long beaches with soft sand dunes, warm seawater and a pristine sky, the village of Punta is very much like paradise. There is a peaceful atmosphere and the people are genuine. Uruguayans are famous for being friendly and charming beings for some reason, and this must be something to do with their sweet and charming courtesy, which is captivating, as well as their touching hospitality.

People walk slowly and barefoot around here, sharing tables with new people every day, and holding lively social gatherings at night accompanied by the sound of the sea and thousands of stars. You feel at home here and in the company of family. The population of the village doesn’t reach 1,000 residents and they generally don’t know about overcrowding and stress. Mind you, in summer they have to adapt their laid back lifestyle to live with the thousands of young Uruguayans who come here in search of sun, sand and holidays at the beaches of Pescadores, La Viuda (lively for surfing) and Playa del Rivero, (full of life due to the bars), and people come to the village of Punta from all parts of the country.

The village has several interesting features, and one of these is the ranches, being a unique form of architectural design, and another one is the green turtles – those millennial animals that live in the sea, and have been added to the sad list of endangered species.

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Photo. Karine Kerr.