Valentine’s Day in the area of Barranco

Barranco, Lima

This Bohemian district of Lima is calm and photogenic, which is why it’s one of the most visited in the capital of Peru. It’s inhabited by an intriguing variety of special and practical theme bars, considering that they open really early.

Barranco occupies the colonial part of the city and this district is fascinating due to its perfect combination between tradition and modernity. It’s possible to get to the beach from here, which is known as “la bajada de aguas”. If there’s a month in which Barranco takes centre stage, it’s the month of February. This is when the most romantic area of the city becomes the favourite destination for lovers. So when a boy takes you to the ‘puente de los suspiros‘ and crosses it with you, they say that this gesture means something. In short, it’s the special way that a Peruvian will ask to go out with you. This is a magical and tremendously romantic place. So you now you know, this is our suggestion so that you start thinking about crossing the pond and enjoy a different Valentine’s Day in Peru; why not? :).

Photo | Geraint Rowland