Whale spotting in Panama


Have you ever seen a whale up close before? This is one of the main activities that you can enjoy in Panama, the perfect place for spotting cetaceans.

The best places are the Taboga, Coiba or Pearl Islands. Both whales and dolphins visit their warm and crystal-clear waters. With a little luck, you’ll see more than one species swimming in the sea. The humpback whale is the most common species in this place as they migrate to the Panamanian Pacific for 5 months with the purpose of procreating. The best time of the year to spot them is during the months of June to November, although there are whales in the area throughout the whole year. There are various companies that offer this kind of excursion from Panama City to the islands but the best option is to hire the one thats destined for Taboga Island.

After this unforgettable experience, it’s time to continue enjoying the Panamanian beaches. Have brunch in any local restaurant of Taboga Island and then go and enjoy a relaxing dip in the sea afterwards 🙂

Photo | Rui Freitas Rego