Lima is Celebrating in January

Did you know that the city of Lima was founded on 18th January 1535? This ever-interesting historic fact marks a celebration that is held year after year with a party and a show that fills the centre of the capital that was founded under the name of “Ciudad de los Reyes” (City of the Kings). Get ready because there’s a very, very special day drawing near.

This coming 18th January 2017 will be a festive holiday. There will be a little of everything during that day: passacaglias, serenades, fireworks… Everything to commemorate the anniversary of Lima foundation and just as the city deserves.

The heart of the celebration will take place at the Plaza Mayor. That’s where the main show will be held which will include stages with live music and dancing, as well as fireworks and all other kinds of shows. This is what the commemoration will consist of – a free celebration!

The young people will do everything that day, as they’ll get together very early in the street to take part in the activities of the anniversary of Lima’s foundation to celebrate the city’s 482nd anniversary in 2017. The show at the Plaza de Armas will start at around 2pm, and will feature famous Peruvian artists. The performances will go on until midnight when the fireworks will top it all off.

Besides the celebration, there are many other ways to enjoy yourself in Lima like doing adventure sports, for example. Whatever the case may be and for whatever reason you are visiting (study trip, backpacking, internship or scholarship), the capital of Peru makes a very attractive and cheap destination for young people. That’s why Iberia offers discounts on flights to Lima for people under the age of 30, so it’s well worthwhile to take advantage of them!

Foto| David Stanley