Making Friends in Lima, Peru

Peru’s capital offers a great mix of culture and social opportunities, and one great place to start – and meet locals – is the A.A.A. (Asociación de Artistas Aficionados), a theatre in Lima’s historic centre which promotes cultural events and happenings in the city. Its programmes include movies, theatre works, cultural workshops, and more. Check it out at Ica 323, Cercado de Lima.

Another particularly stimulating way to meet locals is to join one of the outings from local groups and tour operators. A good example of the latter is Grupo Wayra, for excursions within the city and beyond. If you’re into nature and soft adventure, we highly recommend the Red de Montañistas de Lima, which since 2011 has been organising hiking and climbing excursions outside the city.

Then of course there’s always the tried-and-true method of hitting the nightlife. One option we especially dig is the live music all over town, with some particularly fun options including Jazz Zone in the Miraflores district (Avenida La Paz 646, Pasaje “El Suche”), which invites any and all comers to bring instruments and come on stage to jam in sessions of jazz, blues, soul, and funk. Also in Miraflores, EKA Bar (Calle Esperanza 375) offers a similar setup on Wednesdays.

There’s plenty more where those came from, so in addition to the amazing cultural/historic options offered by Lima and the rest of Peru (such as Lunahuaná Valley), come check it out with a flight made especially affordable with your Iberia Joven discount!

Photo | Modernrockstar