Seville’s University & the City’s Secrets

Did you know that the University of Seville is one of the most popular among the Erasmus students who choose Spain as their dream destination? More than 31 centres, 120 departments, 80,000 m2 of sports installations certified as a “Superior Athletics Centre”, libraries… a whole ensemble of large and modern installations in symbiosis with the city, which will help you to experience Seville for yourself, and explore places with ease.

One of the first things you can do is request a guided tour of the library named “Biblioteca General Antonio Machado” (C/ San Fernando, 4), and its interesting antique and historic archive. To do this, you just need to visit their website and fill in a form. What’s better than discovering the insides and secrets of the four walls that will take up much of your studying time. What’s more, it’ll help you to know that, out of the 17 libraries at the US (University of Seville), the computing one opens the longest (from 8am to 9.30pm), and the library called ‘BUS’ (Biblioteca de la Universidad de Sevilla) offers something very practical: 81 group work rooms distributed over 11 centres that add up to a total of 500 seats.

As we’ve already mentioned, the University of Seville has a very special attraction: it’s spread out round the whole city, and therefore integrated into its cultural life. Like this, the US doesn’t just have one campus, it has several, and the Old Tobacco Factory stands out among these, which is one of its emblems, as is the office of the university’s Vice-Chancellor.

Where do you live if you study at the University of Sevilla? This is a good question with an easy answer: the US offers a list of accommodation for residential buildings distributed round the whole city, and you should choose one of these that is well linked to your faculty. From then on, you’re just left with enjoying such an attractive city for young people such as Seville, and to explore the city’s surroundings – there is so much to discover! Make the most of the good climate; the walks round María Luisa Park; the famous festivities; the international emblems such as La Giralda… Get the most out of your months of being an Erasmus student in Seville and remember that Iberia Joven is here to help you with your discounts to fly cheaper… and offer you some ideas for making plans. Remember we told you where you can have the best snacks in Seville? Right then…

Photo | Michimaya