Soaring Above the Trees in Colombia

Today we propose a unique experience in Colombia, more specifically in a place whose name evokes the thrill of adventure: the Amazon. For this, we will travel to Amacayacu, near the Amazon River, and visit one of the country’s best known natural parks, located in the twenty-sixth largest country in the world.

Amacayacu is located in southeastern Colombia, the nearest town being Puerto Nariño, 1240 km (770 miles) from Bogotá (the beautiful capital of the country and an Iberia destination). Puerto Nariño is reached from Leticia via the Amazon River, which, as you can imagine, is an adventure in itself. Care to experience it?

The mere name Amacayacu, of Quechua origin, promises the unique possibility of viewing the jungle from above. Back on solid ground, the reserve also has an extensive network of trails for eco-tourism hiking. Another of the park’s great attractions is the upstream hike to Lake Tarapoto. The objective? To see the pink or gray fresh-water dolphins up close. However, they are not the only exotic species that inhabit this area, which also has jaguars!

In general, the best place to learn about all the activities that Amacayacu offers is its visitor center. It’s also worth knowing that the park offers a unique form of lodging: the possibility of sleeping in hammocks or in beds on the center’s platform with fellow explorers. It does sound like fun! In short, very few experiences can be compared to traveling to Amacayacu National Park (PNN Amacayacu) and exploring its ecosystem of warm tropical rain forests and flooded jungles. Booking through Iberia Joven, flights to Bogotá will be much cheaper, and from there, the adventure of your life will be just one step away.

Photo | Dr EG