The Thermal Baths of Karlovy Vary

Oh, Prague, Prague. The city of beautiful people and affordable prices. For this, and for so much more, the capital of the Czech Republic has everything for students or for those who plan a fun getaway with friends.

Karlovy Vary

Monumental, majestic … The impossibly beautiful thermal-spa village of Karlovy Vary is about two hours by bus from Prague. Traveling there is easy and convenient, since buses depart from the Prague Florenc station (Pod výtopnou 13/10) and, after only two stops (it’s almost an express service), they leave you at your destination.

For the record, Karlovy Vary is elegant, but never boring. Apart from its great attraction, the hot springs, the area – a valley covered with forests – is really something to behold. So it’s not surprising that Karlovy Vary has attracted (and continues to attract) celebrities and all kinds of personalities; we can assure you categorically that it is one of the most spectacular spas in Europe, with a gorgeous architectural style that you will love.

Christmas in Prague

It’s Christmas, you’re in Prague… and a shoe falls on you. Don’t panic! Nobody is playing a joke on you. This is just a curious Christmas tradition, where single girls leave the house, stand with their backs to the door, and throw a shoe over their shoulder. It lands with the tip towards the door? It means that the girl in question will get married the following year (or at least that’s what fate seems to decree). It doesn’t land quite this way? Then she must make other plans and keep waiting. Here’s what we suggest: enjoy winter Czech-style. Organize a trip to Karlovy Vary and “Czech off” from your travel list one of the most unique places in Europe. And when flying to the Czech Republic, don’t forget to take advantage of the discounts on Iberia Joven tickets. It’s a win-win situation!

Image | Bern Thaller