A Fun Day at Historic Coney Island

New York is one of those cities where there’s always something to discover or be surprised by; a destination full of secrets where people of all cultures coexist in harmony, like its colossal rows of skyscrapers which stand along other attractions typical of pop culture, such as Coney Island. This picturesque beach peninsula located at the southern end of Brooklyn stands out for its style, reminiscent of a bygone era.

Coney Island is located about fifty minutes from Manhattan by subway, and is known both for its beautiful seaside promenade as well as for Luna Park, its famous amusement park (reopened in 2008). This area away from urban life has been a recreational center since around 1800, alternating periods of maximum splendor (in the nineteenth century, it was the destination of the city’s elite) with periods of absolute decadence; those years when the park kept its doors closed and it was unwise to visit the area.

It is also been said that Coney Island is the birthplace of the world famous hot dog, when German immigrant Charles Feltman began selling them from his cart back in 1867. Today, Coney Island is the perfect getaway; the place where you can go from spending the day in Manhattan Island to touring Brooklyn’s extensive promenade while enjoying live improvised music and trying your luck at the attractions in Luna Park. Also, if you are a movie buff, Coney Island will bring you memories of mythical films like Big, the hit from the eighties, or Requiem for a Dream, from a few years later.

The area known as Little Odessa, due to its strong immigrant community from Eastern European countries, has the charm of an enclave that wants to relive its golden times. It is a perfect place for lovers of the extravagant. So if you’re in New York and want to enjoy a unique experience, take the subway and visit the magical, historical Coney Island.

Photo | Nithin Shenoy