Next Stop: The Midburn Festival Near Tel Aviv

We have already told you about Tel Aviv’s vibrant and cosmopolitan vibe, remember? We have called it a fun, stimulating city at all hours, boasting a spectacular nightlife that makes it a great destination for the young. And we reiterate: the second most populous city in Israel (after Jerusalem) is a lively, fascinating place that will steal the heart of anyone who visits. Will you be the next to venture into the city of a thousand smiles?

The city itself has many wonderful attractions: beaches, restaurants, a dynamic nightlife, and many ways to spend the day enjoying its unique charm. There are places to walk where you will be surprised by the unexpected mix of old and modern, like the famous neighborhood of Sorona, and markets, such as the Carmel market (which we’ve told you about before), where you can happily go bargaining from store to store.

With more than 7,000 years of history, Tel Aviv is still one of the most modern cities in the world today. And it’s the perfect place to visit if you want to experience a festival in the middle of the desert, one of those once-in-a-lifetime spectacles you won’t soon forget. So no, you don’t have to travel to the Nevada desert in the USA (for its impressive Burning Man, the desert festival par excellence), because in Israel they celebrate their own desert festival: the Midburn Festival, which is held in the month of June.

Can you imagine spending five days in the desert, surrounded by music, art and guaranteed good vibes? In Israel they celebrate their own version of the Burning Man, maintaining the same values of the USA’s mythical festival: fun for everyone, much respect, costumes everywhere, and total freedom of expression for a truly unique experience in life. From Tel Aviv, the Midburn Festival is just over an hour and a half away by car through a long, long desert. Nothing you can’t overcome with a mini-fridge full of ice-cold water and provisions for the road.

Oh, and remember to do your research before embarking on this adventure, since the festival has very clear rules about its attendance: for example, you have to bring your own food and drink provisions (there is nothing but desert all around), and the way to get almost anything is by bartering. So, in addition to dancing under the Israeli moon, you will have to let go and start making friends as soon as possible… if you don’t want to end up tired of eating the same thing day after day.

The event is held in June, so start booking your flight to Tel Aviv before it’s too late. Oh, and don’t forget to visit the event’s official website for all the information you need before your trip. And dance like you never danced before!

Photo | Hawaii Savvy