Sweet Shopping on Palma de Mallorca’s Sant Nicolau Street

What happens in January? Well, the long-awaited sales start, which is the perfect time for students to take advantage and buy lots at the best price. This activity is a real pleasure if your Erasmus destination is Palma.

The best way to go round the centre of the capital of Majorca is on foot, and to stroll at an easy pace. So much so that the pedestrian areas inPalma are gaining ground and the small stylish shops with them that have a greater presence every day. A good example is Sant Nicolau Street and the surrounding areas, which is a very central area in the city which is closed to traffic, and where young people will find new and second hand clothing, accessories, decorative objects and gifts. These items are always original pieces that have nothing to do with the chains that currently monopolise a lot of the supply in medium to large-sized cities. For used clothing, one of the most well known shops is called Piel de Gallina, which has been dressing the most alternative young people in Palma for years now. You’ll find the latest items of clothing in boutiques like The Closet or Bossa, among others.

The area takes its name after the lovely Church of Sant Nicolau, which is a grand unknown building, as it could be said that it is situated outwith the most well known tourist route. This gives it charm and magic, so it’s worthwhile to give it an opportunity and to go and discover this building. The monument shows traces of different architectural styles such as Gothic or barroque. What’s more, the church has its own legend, as there is a sacred rock or stone at one side on which Saint Catherine of Palma (who is quite a historic reference of the island) used to sit on and pray, and this is a curious symbol of the area nowadays.

Sant Nicolau and the surrounding areas have a charm which is only possible in the Mediterranean area, where the environment encourages life in the street, to walk, enjoy sun filled terraces throughout the whole year, and meet with friends in one of the lovely cafés; all this with the added value of the traditional shops, such as La Industrial antique toyshop with its curious shop window that catches everyone’s attention. La Pajarita is another classic shop in the city, and their sweets are a sin… and on the subject of sins, don’t forget to buy your “ensaimadas” (light, spiral-shaped pastries typical of Mallorca) in the Santo Cristo bakery – they’re delicious! On the other hand, if you want to eat at a good price, the Korean Bibap is always a good choice, as is the restaurant-café Nannas that offers filling dishes of the day.

In short, Palma offers little streets with lovely shops such as those in Sant Nicolau. The young locals choose to do their shopping in Sant Nicolau, so do the same and enjoy the most authentic Majorcan atmosphere.

Photo: islikemint