Theatre & Pizza in Buenos Aires

We’re taking you by the hand round one of the best young districts in Buenos Aires: San Telmo… We are offering you a blind date with magic ... Which other card do we have up our sleeve?

Four-of-a-kind aces: we invite you to spend the best afternoon of theatre and pizza in the capital of Argentina, and in one of the most fresh, fascinating and fantastic cities in the world. Buenos Aires has a gift: it suddenly transports you to other countries and other continents without losing a shred of its own personality. So, whether it’s because you’re going there on holiday, or you happen to be studying there, that’s why Buenos Aires will turn your life around.

Do you want a good plan for a perfect afternoon/night, whether it be accompanied by friends, or for that long-awaited date? Head along to the lively and central Avenida Corrientes, which is one of the city’s artistic arteries where you’ll find the most theatrical blood circulating in Buenos Aires. The chosen establishment could well be the bohemian Picadilly Teatro, which is a small and well-distributed theatre hall where you’ll feel as if you can brush against the stage with your fingers, and where you’ll notice how the magic of the play oozes from the stage. In respect of more terrestrial and practical aspects, the theatre offers some interesting 2 x 1 promotions that will allow you to save a good fist full of pesos on admissions, so take advantage of them.

What about after the theatre? Well, you’ll build up an appetite after so much culture, so it’s highly recommended to get stuck into one of the delicious dishes at the popular Pizzería Güerrin (on Av. Corrientes 1368, and just a few steps from the Picadilly Teatro). A taxi driver once said: “they are the best pizzas in Buenos Aires.” Whether it’s true or not, they are delicious, and very cheap.

At Pizzería Güerrin, you queue up, pay for your order and then eat it while you’re standing. That’s when you think: “how can something so simple and austere be so delightful?” Their speciality is called “muzzarella”, and it tastes like heaven. It couldn’t be in a better location!

If you fly with us to Buenos Aires, we’ll offer you a discount for being young. If you use the tips offered by Iberia Joven, you’ll save money and enjoy the best of the Argentinian capital.

Photo | Nan Palmero