Traveling as a Volunteer – in Portugal!

Have you heard of the European Voluntary Service (EVS)? It’s quite an opportunity for a long period of voluntary experience abroad. That is to say, if you’re young and your passport shows that you are between 17 and 30 years old, you have all the necessary requisites to spend a maximum of 12 months in another country, which would be Portugal in this case. And what do they expect from you in exchange? Something as nice as you lending a hand in a non-profit organisation.

The EVS is funded by the European Union, which is responsible for covering your accommodation and upkeep expenses, among other things that they’ll tell you about. So, think about all the doors that this will open for you in a cheap way. Let’s see:

  • Discover another country and other traditions without paying to do so; fly to Lisbon with Iberia Joven and discover Portugal with all that it has to offer you: surfing and other sports, nights out in clubs and bars… and everything without spending much money!
  • Make friends and have a different experience.
  • Learn a language: Portuguese.

There is such a variety of jobs that you’ll find, as the European Voluntary Service offers many interesting projects that you can get involved in: collaborating with a refuge, helping young people less fortunate than you; do your bit to help with immigration integration… you decide! Find out more on the official website programme and recommend it to your friends.

Do you want to learn a language while helping others? Go abroad with the European Voluntary Service and let Iberia Joven offer you discounts to take you their at the best price.

Photo | Dan Queiroz