Playing in the Mud at Colombia’s Totumo Volcano

Your travels always bring undeniable adventures, and things you’ve never experienced before, which perhaps you’ll never experience again. An example of this could be to immerse yourself in a mud volcano, and this ticket has everything to cross that experience off the list. Shall we continue?

In Colombia, which is a great country for a study trip, there’s an exotic place called Volcán del Totumo, and as its name suggests, it’s an opening in the ground that lets out smoke, flames and lava. But Totumo is much more, as its interior also contains mud, making a free moisturiser for skin (as well as being one of nature’s phenomena).

Located in the Caribbean Region of Colombia, on the road from the beautiful Cartagena de Indias to Barranquilla, and which is a little over an hour’s drive from the former, the Volcán del Totumo allows you to bathe in a crater of mud in which people have a great time! There are agencies for all budgets that organise excursions to the volcano from Colombia main touristic cities, and it’s very easy to visit Totumo from there.

Besides the experience of immersing yourself into the mud, it is a great area for going hiking. The ascent to the peculiar-shaped volcanic cone is so picturesque, as you go up a rustic, wooden staircase to get there. If you want to regain your strength, it’s a good idea to take advantage and to eat cheap: the locals offer visitors all kinds of typical street food like fried fish or rice with coconut, and it’s tasty and cheap.

We’ve revealed some interesting things about Colombia now and we’ll surely continue along this line. Iberia flies to Bogotá and arrives at many other destinations in the country, so you just need to pack your rucksack and take advantage of the discounts for young people to travel easier and closer.

Who’s up for it?


Photo | Richard Ramos